Expat and pregnant

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Hypnobirthing

So here I was, an Expat in Germany. Not only that, I was pregnant. My German partner and I decided this was the perfect time for us to start a family. I was not yet speaking German, meaning I would be out of work for a while. Seeing the length of some German words, a while would definately be a while! After a few months of trying to concieve, we got the news we had desired more than anything, we were pregnant!! The first few weeks, we were euphoric, I was on cloud nine. I was already arguing with my partner over baby names and spending my days watching baby announcing videos on YouTube (whilst crying many hormonal, happy tears, might I add.) Soon though, the reality set in. It had finally hit me, I would be doing all of this away from home. I was going to miss out on so much of the fun, pregnancy stuff.

I looked into English pregnancy Yoga and antenatal classes in my area but couldn’t find anything. When I came across Hypnobirthing, I hit another dead end. I was disheartend to find that this too, would be something I would have to go without. The lack of Hypnobirthing classes, increased my ever-growing birthing anxiety. I found myself using hypnobirthing techniques that I taught myself from books and the internet, it was okay, I learned a lot of stuff. Something was missing though, something more intimate. I really wanted that ‘one on one’ personal experience that only a teacher could provide. That brings us to the now, nearly two years after my birthing experience, I’m ready to share my story and ensure that other women don’t miss out on such a wonderful practice. Being an Expat no longer has to mean going without.